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The Price of Good Advice: 3 Ways a Financial Adviser Can Save You Money
It’s always a good idea to know how much you’re paying for financial help, but what might be just important (or more so) is how much you could be saving by getting good advice.
Don’t Get Hung Up on Fiduciary Rule’s Fate; Focus Should Be on Planning
APRIL 2017
Just because your financial adviser is a fiduciary doesn’t guarantee you’re getting all the help you need. Here’s what every investor should insist upon.
3 Keys to Wealth Management
Look at how your financial adviser (or potential financial adviser) handles these three functions to be sure you’re getting the investment help you need.
Should Investors Worry About The Fed’s Next Move?
Trying to predict what consumers can expect from the Federal Reserve over the next five years is akin to peering into cloudy crystal ball. No one really knows what the Fed might do—including the Fed—because world events constantly conspire to change the circumstances any decisions would be based on.
Which comes first: Social Security or IRA withdrawals?
MAY 31, 2016
It is a retirement dilemma. When planning for retirement cash flow, should a client start Social Security as early as age 62, letting individual retirement account money continue to grow, tax-deferred? Or should that client tap the IRA and wait for a larger Social Security benefit?
Dos And Don’ts For Consolidating Your Retirement Accounts
APRIL 21, 2016
Chances are, you’ll change jobs about 12 times during your career. That’s what the Bureau of Labor Statistics says. And that means the odds are good that you’ll end up owning several retirement accounts, including 401(k) accounts and IRAs. One key downside is that having different pots of money sitting in a variety of accounts can make it harder to do retirement planning and to update your plans.
Good Financial Planning Helps Avoid Stock Market Roller Coaster
SEP 20, 2015
Wall Street hasn’t been for the faint of heart lately. Jittery investors saw the volatile market play havoc with investment portfolios. But while the ups and downs may have created anguish for some, financial planner Bryan S. Slovon says he fielded few if any calls from nervous clients.
What the Government Is Doing About the Hidden Fees That Cut Into Retirement Savings
JULY 2, 2015
Secret broker fees can cause on retirement savings to be lower than expected because investors often don’t realize they were paying them or because the fees are higher than investors thought.
How New Regulations Could Boost Retirement Savings
JUNE 29, 2015
Investors who count on their retirement accounts to see them through their golden years sometimes find that those savings add up to less than anticipated. One reason: Broker fees they either didn’t realize they were paying, or which were higher than need be.


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