In Their Own Words

Read what Stuart Financial Group clients are saying about the service and support we provide.


When asked the main reason for working with our firm:

“SFG did a great job planning out how to invest my money to make it work for me, and SFG provides regular communications regarding the financial markets. The team has also been really good at follow-up. They are great partners.” – Bob P.

“Bryan starts with a client’s individual status and goals and provides a detailed strategy that addresses all aspects of those goals.” – LT

“Knowledge of financial matters as well as the personal touch.” – Adria Q.

“Securing and preserving financial future.” – Glenn W.

“Variety of products to meet our needs and personal situation. Enjoy SFG’s social and professional events.” – Dale C.

“Good solid financial advice tailored to each individual.” – Terry C.

“You need to start planning early for a successful and rewarding retirement and you need to be educated on various strategies and methods to accomplish that. SFG provides that service.” – Bill C.

“The SFG team is dedicated to helping you plan for a retirement that maximizes your assets and to securing financial security for the future.” – Bob M.

“The Team makes sure you understand the plan they make for you.” – Cheryl E.

“Takes time to understand how to work with each client.” – Bob E.

“The Team is a group of knowledgeable and dedicated individuals who have your investments as their priority.” – Linda H.

“Good support, clear summaries, rapid response.” – Harry H.

“The knowledge and professional people who make up SFG” – Terry W.

“You do a good job, you are responsive and you exceed expectations.” – Gary & Jodi

“Great team to work with, with great financial knowledge” – Terry

“Very investment savvy and TRUSTWORTHY” -Nilps

When asked how would you describe your financial advisor:

“Bryan did a fantastic job providing an effective strategy that addresses all aspects of our financial goals, including restructuring toward solid investments that a mindful of tax requirements and future estate planning issues.” – LT

“Bryan is dedicated to his role as a fiduciary. He is knowledgeable, forthcoming, and most importantly listens to our concerns – which isn’t always easy since one of us likes aggressive growth while the other leans toward a conservative approach.” – Bob M.

“Awesome, very knowledgeable, and always on the ball with any changes that might be needed to my accounts. The SFG staff is always responsive and ensures any requests/needs are met.” – Nilps

“The team are all professionals and very knowledgeable.” – Nilps.

“I would describe my financial advisor as caring, very knowledgeable in his line of work, and is willing to listen to his client.” -Linda H

“Bryan is approachable, kind, and smart. He demonstrates genuine interest in me and my concerns/needs. – Lizzy Gary

“Very helpful and useful for our peace of mind.” – Ria Marpaung

“Knowledgeable in various strategies to protect and maintain income” -Bill C.

“Very friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to work with us.” – PDP

“Honest, frank, with good visibility to status and plans.” – Harry H.

“Very thorough, very knowledgeable” – Terry

“Bryan is a great guy. He cares for his clients as well as providing them with excellent service.” – Adria Q.

“Knowledgeable, professional. Pushes me in the right direction but also respects my decisions.” – Terry C.

When asked what would you tell someone who is considering working with SFG:

“That SFG is knowledgeable and attentive when it comes to securing and preserving one’s financial future.” -Glenn W

“They treat us like family and hold social events to share that family unity.”- Glenn W.

“That after working with you for over eight years and regularly withdrawing
from my portfolio, I have more money now than when I started with you. What more is there to say?” – Terry C.

“Everyone is there to help you achieve the best possible financial goals for you.” – Lynn B.

“I have been working with SFG for 14+ years and have complete trust in them.” – Lynn B.

“You want to retire with very little worry about your future financial status, THEN you GOT to GO and talk to Bryan. He has done wonders for us. HE has great contacts for other services you may have.” – Steve D.

“That their investments will be well cared for as long as their advice is taken.” – Nilps

“I have complete trust in Bryan. He personalized my portfolio to meet my needs and address my concerns, and I believe him to be a top-notch advisor.” – Lizzy Gary

“My husband is ultra-conservative. Bryan was very patient to point out all the savings and investments we could make before we retired. Very helpful. The best thing to do is to talk to SFG.” – Frank & Heddi

“They’ve done well for us!” – Inge & Jim.

“They care about their clients, and I like the fact that you can also work with a lawyer thru them to set up our wills.” – PDP.

When asked how our firm has exceeded expectations:

“Your diligence to keep us/me on a straight and narrow path to our goals.” – Steve D.

“Always going the extra mile to ensure I understand what is happening with my
various investments and what are best strategies for my financial well-being.” – Lynn B.

“The consistent message & advice in the face of a volatile market.” – Bob E.

“The continued contact with us making sure all is going well both personally and financially.” – Adria Q.

“Bryan has saved us in our retirement plans to offset our mandates of withdrawals. We love the fact of getting an evaluation 2 times a year or if required sooner. Bryan keeps improving our investments.” – Frank & Heddi

“How friendly the entire staff is—a very professional environment that
encourages me to both trust and value your expertise.” – Lizzy Gary

“My investments have grown beyond my expectations. My financial advisor ensures that I meet with him every six months and is ready to make recommendations to move funds if necessary.” Linda H.

“You maintain constant contact with your clients through social/business events.” -Inge & Jim

“Your transparency and up to date information” – Ria Marpaung

“rate of return and responsiveness to questions”  Terry D.

“The service is personalized and friendly. Always feel like I can call and ask stupid questions anytime.” – Terry C.

“The friendliness of the entire team.” – Glenn W.

“I really like the plan he came up with and his support is staff is awesome.” Bob P.

“How well our assets have been protected” Bill C.

When asked what problem(s) were you trying to solve by working with SFG:

“Guidance with finances after my husband died.” – Cheryl E.

“1. establishing and maintaining multiple income streams during retirement
2. Protecting assets and income during retirement.” – Bill C.

“Distribution of assets into diverse investments to maintain desired quality of life during retirement and establish family legacy.” – Dale C.

“Get financial house in order as I approach retirement.”- Bob P.

“Needed to develop a strong firm retirement plan” – Steve D.

“I wanted the best investment portfolio both before and into retirement. I trusted SFG with my TSP account. For me it is all about trusting your financial advisor to monitor and recommend investments based on where I am in my life.” – Nilps

“We wanted to make sure to have a secure retirement. We wanted to consolidate different savings and IRA.” – Frank & Heddi

“Managing/investing our financial resources” – Ria Marpaung

“Better returns on investments, more unification of items” – Terry D.

“Retirement planning” – Gary & Jodi

“We were wanting to establish financial security in retirement.” – Terry

“My husband and I had invested our funds with another financial company to help with our retirement. We became dissatisfied as our investments were not growing ad became stagnant. We were looking for another financial company to help us achieve our goals” – Linda H.

All of the endorsements and/or client testimonials posted are unpaid and unsolicited. The experiences and views shared by the reviewers do not necessarily represent the perspectives of all clients. Any reviewer discussion of individual investments and/or performance or results should not be construed as indicative of the experience of all clients nor does it offer any assurance or indication of future results."