Is Your Digital Information at Risk?

During a time when information can be shared freely and openly online and where big tech companies are behaving more than irresponsibly with our personal information, it is imperative that your financial information is protected. While this type of information exchange brings people together and makes life more efficient it can open up a tremendous number of threats to your privacy and security.

It can feel overwhelming to try to understand all that comes with technology and where your vulnerabilities may lay. There are several simple steps that you can take to help safeguard your most private information and financial data.

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Instead of Downsizing, Consider “Rightsizing”

The difference between downsizing and rightsizing is not just linguistics and semantics, the difference really is that downsizing is more reactive, and rightsizing indicates a proactive approach to organizing your lifestyle and finances when you retire or when your children leave home to start their adult lives.

Rightsizing is a concept and phrase that companies coined in the 1990’s when they were reducing the number of employees in their workforce through careful planning and organizing of tasks, skills, and outcomes. When it comes to planning for your empty-nest, a proactive approach to transitioning from a home you’ve lived in for years and considering what is included in the rightsizing approach can help facilitate a positive outcome for the long term, both emotionally and financially.

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