Wealth Management

Wealth Management

What is Wealth Management?

Comprehensive Wealth Management means combining all the issues and people which affect your current financial position and future goals into one manageable, controllable picture. At Stuart Financial Group, it’s more than investing; it’s more than estate planning. It’s satisfying the dynamic needs of our clients and the world in which they live. Our goal is to get everyone working in the right direction—your direction.

Using a team approach, we can close the gaps between your current status and your future goals, helping you to make wise decisions concerning your wealth.
Statistics show that on average, people enter into the wealth management process five times but generally do nothing.
We feel this can be attributed to two items:

  • Advisor bias
  • Lack of clarity

Without a properly assembled team of advisers, contradictory solutions may be given by each individual adviser. While each suggestion may have merit in its own right, it is given from a narrow perspective.  This is eliminated by a thorough and comprehensive discovery process that combines input from each team adviser. In this manner, we accomplish and reach clear and complimentary goals.