When asked the main reason for working with our firm:

When asked the main reason for working with our firm:

“SFG did a great job planning out how to invest my money to make it work for me, and SFG provides regular communications regarding the financial markets. The team has also been really good at follow-up. They are great partners.” – Bob P.

“Bryan starts with a client’s individual status and goals and provides a detailed strategy that addresses all aspects of those goals.” – LT

“Knowledge of financial matters as well as the personal touch.” – Adria Q.

“Securing and preserving financial future.” – Glenn W.

“Variety of products to meet our needs and personal situation. Enjoy SFG’s social and professional events.” – Dale C.

“Good solid financial advice tailored to each individual.” – Terry C.

“You need to start planning early for a successful and rewarding retirement and you need to be educated on various strategies and methods to accomplish that. SFG provides that service.” – Bill C.

“The SFG team is dedicated to helping you plan for a retirement that maximizes your assets and to securing financial security for the future.” – Bob M.

“The Team makes sure you understand the plan they make for you.” – Cheryl E.

“Takes time to understand how to work with each client.” – Bob E.

“The Team is a group of knowledgeable and dedicated individuals who have your investments as their priority.” – Linda H.

“Good support, clear summaries, rapid response.” – Harry H.

“The knowledge and professional people who make up SFG” – Terry W.

“You do a good job, you are responsive and you exceed expectations.” – Gary & Jodi

“Great team to work with, with great financial knowledge” – Terry

“Very investment savvy and TRUSTWORTHY” -Nilps